Discovering Vizcaya

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Photo by Mauricio de la Garza C — September 2013

An Italian Renaissance Villa set amid the palm trees and the salty water of Biscayne Bay is a result of a man building a Home from his adventurous travels and the bravest of dreams.

Of Gods and Goddesses

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Mauricio de la Garza C — Spring 2013

Almighty skies and omnipresent light watch over the gods and goddesses within the eternal beauty of the gardens of Versailles.

I believe.

Fusion Indochine

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Photo by Mauricio de la Garza C — January 2013

The temples and palaces of Laos were never the same after a century of colonization française, orchestrating an oh-so-breathtaking architectural heritage all its own.

Surrendering to Louvre

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Photo by Mauricio de la Garza C — Spring 2013

Between pretentious works of art and desperate giocondonese tourists, hides the peaceful experience of a traveler surrendering to every impeccable detail, every glorious setting, every attentive character, every imposing texture and colour and every moving chiaroscuro of Le Louvre's oh-so-breathtaking collection, era by era.

Oh! Dear traveler, do dare to surrender!

Les Rues de Hanoi

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Photo by Mauricio de la Garza C — Janvier 2013

Welcome to the streets of Hanoi. Where the deep thrusting voices of Vietnam sing their soulful Hymn of Love and Pride, to remind every traveler the chaotic Art of being alive.

San Pietro's Claire de Lune

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Photo by Mauricio de la Garza C — Spring 2012

Even so this,
Outshining and o'erwhelming Edifice
Fools our fond gaze, and greatest of the Great,
Defies at first our Nature's littleness.
Till, growing with its growth, we thus dilate
Our spirits to the size of what they contemplate.

-Byron, Childe Harold, IV 158.

Nostalgie Mécanique

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The Zelinsky CollectionPhotography by Mauricio de la Garza — September, 2012

Welcome to a coin-operated journey of mechanical art. From turn of the century hand cranked music boxes to telepathic wizards, this is a trip down memory lane.

The Musée Mécanique of San Francisco.

Vive la nostalgie !

Saturday Afternoon Walk

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By Mauricio de la Garza — End of Summer 2012

The street musicians in Bedford Avenue and its whereabouts are as exciting and fascinating as the neighborhood itself.

Cambodian Reverie

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Photography by Mauricio de la Garza — Summer 2010

Cambodia. A never ending struggle between man and nature deeply reflected in the temple of its people's gaze.

Mayan Utopia

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Photography by Mauricio de la Garza — Sometime in 2011

A hidden place not so far away, where the sand is white and the sea is blue.
The only place for me and you.