A Confused Dreamer's Summer Journal of New York City

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Photography by Mauricio de la Garza — Summer 2011

"Cut off as I am, it is inevitable that I should sometimes feel like a shadow walking in a shadowy world. When this happens I ask to be taken to New York City. Always I return home weary but I have the comforting certainty that mankind is real and I myself am not a dream."

-Hellen Keller

180 Tramonti

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Photography by Mauricio de la Garza — Sometime in 2008

Throughout the years, Italy has always managed to excel with its abilities to create, design and innovate.
What is it about this Mediterranean country that has captivated and transformed the Western aesthetic of mankind?
Should it remain this way until the End of Time?

Ma il mio mistero è chiuso in me,
il nome mio nessun saprà!
Sulla tua bocca lo dirò
quando la luce splenderà!


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Photography by Mauricio de la Garza — Summer 2005

The only place on Earth where Man and Nature have managed to remain as one. And it works just fine.