The Warrior Girl

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Photography by Mauricio de la Garza — Sometime in 2011

With a palette of vibrant colors recalling desert, sylvan, and urban hues all at once, Gretel Joffroy reveals an internal world in constant evolution. Her thick brush-strokes create crowded, erotic spaces of powerful feminine forms, emancipated from her own effortless style and graceful existence.

Dani Baan

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By Mauricio de la Garza — September 2012

More than 2,000 years ago, the holy city of Monte Alban was home to over 30,000 zapotecs.
Today, this hilltop heritage is visible from anywhere in the central part of the Valley of Oaxaca and it is estimated that only about 10% of the site has yet been uncovered.

El que sigue...

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By Mauricio de la Garza — September, 2012

Desde hace quince años, todos los días a excepción de los domingos, Don José corta el cabello en la calle Noviembre, en un horario de diez de la mañana a ocho de la noche. Las personas de su barrio lo nombran el peluquero de preferencia. Todos los días, en la misma calle, en el horario de siempre, a las personas de su barrio, a excepción de los domingos.

Nostalgie Mécanique

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The Zelinsky CollectionPhotography by Mauricio de la Garza — September, 2012

Welcome to a coin-operated journey of mechanical art. From turn of the century hand cranked music boxes to telepathic wizards, this is a trip down memory lane.

The Musée Mécanique of San Francisco.

Vive la nostalgie !

Saturday Afternoon Walk

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By Mauricio de la Garza — End of Summer 2012

The street musicians in Bedford Avenue and its whereabouts are as exciting and fascinating as the neighborhood itself.

Geometría Emocional

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Photography by Mauricio de la Garza — Summer 2012

En el taller del escultor Sebastián, se respiran emociones concretas generadas por la abstracción de la geometría de sus piezas y las manos fieles de sus artesanos.

The Ballerina at Sierra Azul

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Architecture and Photography by Mauricio de la Garza Clariond — Summer 2012

Free flowing spaces and pure abstract lines converge with the dance of this beautiful ballerina.

At the End of the Road

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By Mauricio de la Garza C. — May 2012

There is a place, at the end of the Road, at the other side of the Lagoon...

Not far from the shore,
Where the jungle begins,
And the ruins float high above the trees.

Zocalo Sunday

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Photography by Mauricio de la Garza Clariond — May 20th, 2012

Welcome to a Sunday Evening at Oaxaca's Zócalo.

Esquites, Cotton Candy, Soccer Games, Ice Cream, Clowns, $10 Pesos Soaring Balloons, Kites, Artesanías, Street Comedian Shows, Hot Chocolate, Pan Dulce, Tacos, Chips with Hot Sauce, Fruit, Tamales, Empanadas, and Electrocumbia.

This is Mexico.


Timeless Land of Stone

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Photography by Mauricio de la Garza Clariond — Spring 2012

Jordan. A country that has emerged from the sand of its Land, carved by the hands of its people and the strength of their faith. A powerful past coexisting with a promising future ahead.